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Mankind is at a critical point in his existence on Earth. Man depends on energy for his every need; agriculture, comfort in housing, entertainment, transportation, industry, commercial exchange of goods, and even the production and transport of water. In order to equalize the standards of living for all people worldwide to that of Americans we would have to increase energy production by a factor of 8. This would deplete economically viable fossil fuel reserves long before the end of this century. Without fossil fuels and nuclear power, man’s existence would revert back to life in the 1600's. A worldwide population reduction of an order of magnitude would take place. Solar power and wind power are of no help, given the energy return on energy invested to produce the components. When economically viable fossil fuels are depleted, only nuclear power can be self-sustaining. But fission nuclear power as we know it today has major drawbacks related to the radioactive waste it produces. A new form of energy production must be developed and made ready for deployment by the middle of this century. Based on today’s level of scientific understanding, there is only one realistic solution, which is fusion. The public at large has little awareness of fusion, and those who do naturally think the government is working on it. The PowerMasters™ Game series will cause the public at large to discover these facts with authoritative back-up resources. The games will be exciting, entertaining, and addictive. The recurring revenue generated by the game series will be invested in the energy consortium to insure the future of mankind.

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