Purpose: The PowerMasters video game series and videos will be developed by the company. These games will teach the players energy and scientific concepts in a fun and entertaining way. The goal is to educate the public about energy and the underlying science to create a new spirit of optimism in America to solve the world’s energy needs over the upcoming decades.

The games will help the public support correctly formulated public policies on issues involving energy, the environment, and an understanding of both sides of the climate change debate.

All profits from Games That Matter will be channeled into further outreach and a fusion incubator. It is anticipated that several hundred million dollars per year will be generated through the games. The fusion energy plan is fully described on our sister website.

Mission: EnergyCite’s mission is to create a ubiquitous understanding of what energy is and how it can be generated through the integration of entertaining educational video games, home automation systems, and “smart energy” digital information provided by utility companies which help consumers save money, conserve energy, and develop a passion to work together to solve energy for the long term.

Plan: Our first focus is on the development of a new series of interactive electronic video games to run on standard game platforms, tablets, and smartphones. Our patented EMS-2020 home energy management system based on our wireless link to the electrical power utility meter will be integrated into the games which will serve as a principal marketing and sales vehicle. Our patents cover the utility smart meter, with data links to the utility’s billing system and customer owned applications running on smart phones controlling IOT (internet of things) based electricity controls.

In the first phase of game development we will launch a well-produced professional crowdfunding campaign. This will be used to develop a pre-market for the games and build a social media following. Portions of the proceeds will be used to augment development costs in conjunction with our technology partner, USCL.

Crowdfunding campaign video game trailers will be designed, produced, and managed by Dayan and AnnaSheila Paul. This team has more than 20 years’ experience in video and animation film production and game development, and each hold patents related to video game development. There will be three game trailers produced which form the basis of the crowd funding social media build up and the pre-marketing of the PowerMasters games brand. Here is a sample of their video work from the award winning “Courageous Crustaceans”.

Execution: The Power R Future™ game series will be developed through USCL Corporation. USCL is the inventor/developer of the utility “smart meter” and has been granted 7 patents; 3 in the United States, 2 in Israel, and 1 in the EU and 1 in the Peoples Republic of China. As a “development stage” company, the firm has a federal and state tax loss carry forward of $2.7 million dollars which will be applied to the tax liability associated with the future operations. USCL owns the registered federal trademark of EnergyCite®.

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