Message from the Founders

Pat Boone and Tom Tamarkin
The world is facing a looming energy crisis of epic proportions. But the real problem is no one is talking about it seriously. Gasoline prices are at a record low and electricity is inexpensive and abundant in America. There is simply no awareness of the pending energy shortage. As founders of EnergyCite, we will not be affected by it. But our grandchildren certainly will be.

Today over 90% of the world’s energy comes from hydro carbon fuels…mostly fossil fuels meaning coal, natural gas and oil…or nuclear fission. Much emphasis has been placed on climate change and the need to find alternative sources of energy. But two simple facts stand out. One, we have no alternative sources of energy that can replace fossil fuels. And secondly, fossil fuels are finite. Therefore any harm done to worldwide climate by their use comes to an end in the foreseeable future. Yet worldwide population is growing requiring more energy for food production, potable water production and transportation…not to mention for manufacturing, and human comfort.

Without our current levels of energy availability and usage, worldwide population would have to shrink by a factor of 10 to the pre-industrial revolution level of 750,000,000.

Man has been blessed with 400 years of readily available coal, natural gas and oil. However we have used well over half of the economically recoverable fossil fuels up in less than a hundred years. Sure there are those who will argue and say oil will last forever. There are others who say who cares. Just move to “renewables.”

Herein lays the problem. There is so much incorrect information on energy and science on the internet that people and politicians responsible for regulations simply don’t know what to think, don’t care, or worse yet fall into a sense of false security.

From the above example we note that economically viable fossil fuels may well be depleted by 2060 And to be clear, solar is not the answer. Why? Because it would take over 900 years to build and install enough solar panels to replace today’s electricity generation capacity; over 5,500 years to replace all energy including transportation, industrial, agricultural, and electrical. And the life expectancy of a solar panel is 30 years at best.

Several years ago we began exploring these issues. Together we wrote a series of articles released under Pat Boone’s name which were published by several internet news services. We found that the subject was just too complicated for most people. And when we approached government officials with the facts we were told who cares because the voters don’t care about these issues.

None other than Bill Gates has been calling for “an energy miracle.” Bill points out the fact that solar and wind can never provide material amounts of baseload power. Bill chose to use the quest for an “energy miracle” and the need to educate the public on energy matters in his recent annual “open letter” with Melinda.

Thankfully man was also blessed with wisdom and intelligence. Last century Albert Einstein postulated the relationship between energy and mass expressed as e=mc2. In a limited way we have been creating energy from knowledge by splitting atoms in the nuclear fission process.

Now it is time to develop new safe ways to create energy from matter. Nuclear fission is a baby step. It is practical today but it carries with it problems such as the long term disposal of radioactive waste.

Dr. Steven Cowley from the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in the UK is fond of saying we must and will develop the energy based on knowledge. We argue fusion energy is the only realistic energy solution beyond fossil fuels.

Our plan is to stimulate people into discovering these facts on their own. We plan to develop and market a set of action packed interactive video games which will become hits. We have named the games PowerMasters™ Games. And they will teach science and energy concepts as people are entertained by being fully engaged.

As the PowerMasters™ game series takes off we will form a utility industry consortium that will create a very strong recurring revenue stream based on our granted U.S. & foreign patents in the utility smart meter and data acquisition fields. Today there is an installed base of over 60 million smart meters in the electrical utility industry. That will grow to close to 100 Million by 2020. Our patent method & system claims cover their use.

Our PowerMasters™ video game series work in conjunction with utility smart meters based on our existing and pending patents. The PowerMasters™ game series will be unique. Although they will be fun, exciting, and engaging, their mission is to teach children and adults alike the fundamentals of energy and science. The general public and politicians alike have little knowledge of or interest in what energy is and how it works.

The games also help save people money by altering their use of electricity based on the smart meter data and utility data received by the game application. Our short project video explains how this works.

We are old enough to remember President John F. Kennedy’s challenge to the American people to send a man to land on the moon and return him safely to Earth. We watched the entire program develop on television as the likes of Walter Cronkite brought us each and every new development in the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo projects culminating with the July lunar landing in 1969…less than 8 years after JFK’s challenge.

We are setting forth the Apollo space challenge of the 21st century…to demonstrate fusion power and create the conditions for private investors and industry to come together and commercialize fusion energy well before it is too late.

This will give our children and young adults a new reason to exist in the world. Going to the moon and back was quite an adventure and it established America as the undisputed leader in science and technology but once the Apollo program was over it became history.

Solving energy for all mankind for generations to come is really, really big. He who controls energy controls the world. Today America is losing this race. We must regain our position and make up lost time. The economic benefits to our country will be enormous when we do this.

To help people see these issues and to understand all the myths and inaccurate information concerning energy and specifically the fusion energy program over the last 50 years we have set up what has become “The world’s most comprehensive Fusion Energy website for fusion & plasma science, research, project management, academic journal articles, videos, fusion politics, news, and advocacy.” Visit our Fuel Our Future site.

Our EnergyCite® utility consortium along with its games and utility pay-as-you-go apps will generate hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Much of that will be invested in energy development in ways the government is incapable of. Once operational, our EnergyCite® utility consortium along with its games and utility pay-as-you-go apps will generate significant revenues. Much of that will be invested in energy development in ways the government is incapable of.

Please join with us in in helping to build our energy future.

Best wishes,

Pat Boone
Pat Boone
Tom Tamarkin
Tom Tamarkin

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